Summer Days Are Flying By

With so much going on lately, I have been a little neglectful with my writing. Sorry about that! I’ve had a busy couple of weeks at work and even busier weekends with my family and friends. I have no idea where August went.

I’ve been a little bit of a state-wide traveler the last couple weeks, starting out in Ithaca, NY. Home of some gorgeous parks and my wonder sister, Kaile. She’s been begging me to come visit for about two years now, so I figured it was about time I gave it a chance. It’s not a short trip, but if she can come see me a few times a year I should probably start making that drive sometimes too. Can you tell it wasn’t my favorite idea?

I’m a little bit of a homebody, so going too far is never very high on my to-do list. Although I must say, it really was worth the drive.

Ithaca 1.JPGFirst of all, the views driving there were amazing. Ithaca has the kind of scenery that words just can’t do justice. Then there’s also all the amazing state parks that visitors can go to and hike, bike, swim, or just sit and stare. We went to Robert H. Treman State Park to do some hiking and spend some quality time with Mother Nature. It was amazing. Difficult, but amazing. 

With how dry this summer has been in NY, it was nice to see that there were still some pools that didn’t dry out. A ton of people and dogs seemed happy to be able to go for a dip to cool off. We opted to just take off our shoes and put just our feet in the water. Kaile and I aren’t really fans of snakes, or bugs, or fish touching our feet. So we figured that was the safest bet. 

We had a great time and even though getting there stinks, I’ll definitely have to visit again next summer and see what some of the other parks.



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