Learning Is a Process, Not a Race

So, to be completely honest, I’m not the best student if I’m not immediately good at something. I get so frustrated with myself … and sometimes my teacher if I just can’t understand why I don’t seem to be getting the hang of something. It’s probably my biggest flaw. But hey, at least I can admit it and work on it, right?

This is one area that I have to give Al  A LOT of credit in. He keeps trying, even when I’m being a stubborn and moody. And he’s not shy about telling me when I need stop complaining and listen, which I appreciate since I don’t always realize I’m doing it until I’m well into a rant.

Most recently, we tried to learn how to shoot clay birds. If they aren’t moving it’s no problem, I’ll hit the target every time almost every time. But I just couldn’t quite figure out the whole hit the moving target thing. If I had to take a guess, and I don’t really want to but for honesty’s sake, I’d say I was about 2 for 50 (or maybe 60 but who’s really counting anyway). Beside the frustration, it was a fun afternoon. I tried my hand at throwing so Al could show me how it’s done. His hit per shot average was much better than mine.


If you’re wondering, I wasn’t too great at throwing them either. But I’d have to say I was a little better at that. Being okay at part of the process has to count for something.

After way too many misses and way too long in the boiling sun my arms were exhausted, so we packed up and decided to end the day with something I’m actually good at. Target shooting. I’ve never been so pleased to repeatedly hit a steal gong as I was that day.

We’ll have to work on clays more, but for now I’m content with targets that don’t move. Or ones that don’t move too much.


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