Fishy Business

I’m not sure if there’s anything more relaxing than spending the day in the middle of the lake fishing and working on your tan. While I’m new to lake fishing, I’ve always enjoyed casting my line off the end of a dock or over the side of a bridge.

Last summer was the first time I went out on the lake with Al. And let’s just say I wasn’t “sold” on this new adventure after our first excursion. I felt like I was going to lose my breakfast all morning and we had to go in earlier than we planned to accommodate my cramping abdomen. I gave it another go a few weeks later and it wasn’t as bad but I did throw in my towel for that summer.

This year, armed with a banana and some tums, I was ready to try again (someone told me bananas help with seasickness, which is false, but a stomach full of banana is better than an empty stomach). And I was pleasantly surprised that I had no trouble at all our first time out. 

Throughout the morning I wrangling in a sheepshead and a bass, and finally, midafternoon, I hooked our target fish. After a little battle reeling it in, and Al’s helping hands, we got my 16-inch walleye in the net and unhooked. Full disclosure: I can’t seem to get over my fear of fish with teeth so Al unhooked it for me and I waited until we got home to take a photo with it.

As someone who’s never really caught anything bigger than sunfish and fairly small pond-dwelling bass, it was quite an exciting day. Hopefully next time out I’ll get to hook a few more and we’ll make a fish fry for dinner.


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