Our First DIY Adventure

I’m pretty sure that DIY projects are the true definition of love.

I like to think that I’m super crafty and just lack the essential tools to do 90% of the projects I dream up. That’s where Al comes in; he’s my tool guy. And as the guy who has the 90% of tools I need, he also got to take on 90% of the work. Kudos to him for not complaining a bit about it.

As someone who enjoys a glass of wine and wooden works of art, I saw this DIY pallet wine rack project and knew I needed it in my life. It took a little while to find the perfect pallet. I chose this one because it was actually two different kinds of wood and the bottom front board had amazing character that you can still see. Al cut the pallet to size and pulled the boards we would need. We chose to deviate from the “instructions” (can you really have DIY instructions? I think no they’re just guidelines) and added the top  front board with a smaller floating-style glass holder. I then found out that electric sanders are amazing and I want one of my own—I sanded one board by hand in the time it took Al to do the rest of the wood with the sander, you live and you learn.

This project also taught me that I love staining wood. It’s part technique and part luck, and I love that no two board took the stain exactly the same. As a tip, if you decide to take on this project, I would definitely recommend generously prepping the wood with pre-stain wood conditioner (I used this Minwax one) because pallet wood is SUPER dry and will soak up the stain faster than you can put it on if you don’t. Since I have a thing for darker wood tones, so I went with dark walnut stain. With the conditioner, one small can was enough to do two light coats on the whole rack and glass holder. As you can see by how dark it turned out, the stain still soaked in quite a bit even with the conditioner.

Al made me let it dry for a couple of days before we put it all together. The only part of that process that I can take credit for would be the small bit of design direction I gave and the four nails I hit in.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be admiring this wine rack more than anything else in my home for quite some time. It’s not perfect, but it’s ours and we made it together. We couldn’t be happier with it.


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