Sister Bonding with a Bang

I’m a firm believer that family is the most important thing in life.

I don’t live incredibly close to either of my parents or any of my siblings, so when I get the chance to have them visit me, I like to make it count and have a good time. That’s why when my sister came to visit recently I talked Al into taking us to his family’s land to teach her how to shoot.

Target shooting is one of the things Al and I really enjoy doing together. It’s actually one of the few “outdoorsy” things I was already into when I met him, although, admittedly, I wasn’t very good. After a bit of coaching I’ve improved and I’m now pretty comfortable trying out any gun you put in front of me.

My sister, Kaile has always been the type of person who likes trying new things. She was incredibly excited when she showed up heard my plans. Win for me!

image1After an hour drive and a countless Snapchats later, we got to “the cabin,” as we fondly call our favorite little piece of quite land. Al showed Kaile around and then we got to work setting up targets on the range and going over basic safety practices.

A couple of hours and a couple hundred spent rounds later, we decided it’d been a successful day.

I love when I get to introduce the people I love to thing things I love to do. This was one of those days that I won’t forget and I’m sure Kaile won’t either.


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